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Funding platform

Ready to fund your own deals? The Smarter Merchant offers a plug and play, start to finish solution for funders. From data entry all the way to a merchants final payment. The Smarter Merchant can help get you in the game.


Leverage our analytics and use our anonymized data to make more informed decisions. See how your applicants compare to merchants with similar profiles using our years of historical data. Get well researched diligence reports from our experienced underwriting team before funding your merchants.


The Smarter Merchant has one of the best track records in the industry. We've assisted many smaller funders in RTR recovery. Used in combination with our underwriting methodology, your chances of collecting on defaulted files are enhanced significantly.

Big infrastructure without the big overhead

Stepping into the MCA space without experienced operators, underwriters, collections and deep pockets for infrastructure cost can be very overwhelming.
The Smarter Merchant offers a turnkey solution for those looking to get start funding or just looking to move to a better platform. We can assist with everything from A - Z and as a partner of ours you'll be the beneficiary of years of experience as well as bulk pricing on everything from ACH servicing to legal representation and collections.
There's a lot we can do to help your business grow. To find out more, click below.

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