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Knowledgeable, dedicated ISO success staff
Aggressive commissions and monthly bonuses
Customize funding terms with our ISO calculator
Cutting edge security to protect your submissions
Fund your own merchants using our  servicing platform
Fast turnaround time on offers and fundings


Whether it's a split funding, a daily, weekly or bonus funding, The Smarter Merchant has the right funding program to fit most merchants needs. We offer aggressive prepay addendums and are completely transparent in our underwriting and pricing.
The Smarter Merchant has the flexibility and knowledge to tailor the perfect advance. All of that and quick turnaround times lets you get back to what you do best...Closing more deals

Larger Fundings
Longer Durations
High Approval Ratings
Funding Calculator to tailor the perfect terms
Less Stips
Flexible Payment Options
Full transparency in pricing and terms
Split Fundings
More Industries Served
Same Day Funding Available
Monthly Volume Bonuses

100% powered by our iso partners
The Smarter Merchant does not have internal sales

How we compare to other funders

Funded Amount
Funded Amount
 The Smarter Merchant

Get it right the first time

Need to change the terms on an offer? Don't lose precious time going back and forth because your funding documents came back wrong. Our custom offer calculator ensures you get the documents exactly the way you requested them.

Over $250 Million
Funded to Merchants

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